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MARCH 23, 2020 / JW Marriott Turnberry Miami, FL

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We know the value and importance of continuity of development for every organization and individual person. We are also aware of keeping the knowledge and abilities up to date could carry you a step forward in/at the competitive environment of developing and changing world.

Our target is to manage high quality education programs, instructive conferences that experience is shared at and the workshops which in theoretical information is converted in practical experience in order to contribute your development in work and personal lives, and also to provide information that you need by keeping abreast of all the latest global and local developments and by this means to help you in achieving your aim.


29 Albion Road
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Mon to Friday
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM


This seminar provides key insights into employment law in Turkey.

It equips participants with clear guidance on fundamental areas of the law including hiring employees; residency permits; pay and working time; impacts of New Laws; termination; restrictive covenants and social security.

Participants benefit from insights into the application of Turkish Law in practice within both the context of Turkish business culture and the realities of day to day management.

Designed for Expats , HR professionals and internal legal counsel, this efficient one-day seminar will ensure that you can advise and protect your business with confidence.


Summit Fee

45% of employers say they can’t find the skills they need as global talent shortages reach 12-year highs.1I​n​an​era​ when​ to p​talent​is​ harder​ than ​ever​to​find​and​keep,​ organizations ​that​ "know​ how​" to​ plan ​for ​future​ talent ​needs​ and predict and measure the impact of talent initiatives will have a massive competitive advantage in their industries. ​At​ HCI’s​ 2020 ​People​ Analytics ​& ​Workforce​ Planning ​Conference,​ you​ will​ learn ​how ​to​ integrate your people strategy with your business strategy from a hand-picked group of thought leaders, practitioners, and experts. Get peer-to-peer networking,​ workshops ​and ​hands-on​practice​ to​ support​ your​ people ​analytics ​initiative s​across ​the​ talent ​lifecycle.​ Learn​ how​ to​ develop,​ adapt,​ and execute ​work force​ plans​ when​ your​ environment​is​ constantly​ changing.
Key Areas to be Addressed:

■ Integrating Strategic Priorities with Workforce Planning and Analytics
■ Applying ​People ​Analytics​ Across​ the​ Talent​ Life cycle​
■ Agile​ Planning​ and​ Prioritization​ in​ the​ Face ​of ​Continuous ​Change​ and​ Uncertainty​
■ Exploring​ New​ Techniques​ and​ Technologies​ to​ Generate​ Talent​ Insights​

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